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From a young age, she had dedicated her life to worshipping and obeying demonic powers, suffering greatly for such actions.

Martha was a powerful well-known witch doctor in Ethiopia. From a young age, she had dedicated her life to worshipping and obeying demonic powers, suffering greatly for such actions. Family members, including some of her children, had died because of the dark powers in her life. Martha never cared about anything except the demon forces she thought did her bidding. Eventually, the demons started to attack her body and she became increasingly more paralyzed. She couldn’t walk, use her hands or fingers, and she couldn’t even eat without assistance. The young witch doctor knew that she was on the verge of death, but she had trouble accepting the fact that there was no one who could save her from her fate. So when she heard that there was a new man in her town who had the power to heal the afflicted and the possessed, she knew she had to speak to him. Her neighbors told her that this new man spoke of Jesus who had great powers and that he lived in a building called a church. Therefore, with great resolve and desperation, she dragged her body three blocks through the dusty streets to find this man called Jesus, lying on her back, and using only her elbows to propel herself. Martha made it to the church but she did not have the strength required to drag herself into the building. She began to shout and moments later the pastor found her in the dirt and prayed for her deliverance, as it was apparent that she was demon-possessed. The man of God called out to Jesus and Martha immediately felt some strength returning to her limbs. She started to pray herself, asking God to free her from bondage. She gave her heart to the Lord that day and in the weeks to follow, God healed her completely. Nothing could keep Martha from telling everyone about the power of Jesus Christ. She was fully healed and fully forgiven and the world needed to know.

Today Martha travels with the pastor to new areas where people have not heard the message of Jesus. She shares her powerful testimony and the pastor preaches the Gospel. I’m show and he’s tell,” says Martha with an effervescent smile. Everyone knew of the powerful witch doctor with great demonic powers and when they hear her story today and see her joy, they cannot deny that she serves a living God.

In 1 Corinthians 1:13 – 14, we read this: For he rescued us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption; the forgiveness of sins.

Martha was rescued from darkness and now lives a life devoted to the one powerful enough to pull her from evil’s grip.

Martha never cared about anything except the demon forces she thought did her bidding.

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