One Step Ahead

A top leader in the Chinese underground church had secretly gathered a group of the most influential pastors in the area; each responsible for thousands of believers. It was an organized event of teaching and prayer meant to sustain the believers for the inevitable suffering they would face for their belief in Jesus. On the third day of their gathering, they learned that the police had discovered their whereabouts and were on their way to arrest everyone in attendance. No one panicked. The pastors had prepared for this complication. They collected their belongings and calmly snuck away to a new location to continue their studies. Two days later, the pastors heard from their contact in the police department that they were once more in danger. The peace they had enjoyed was short-lived as the police knew exactly where they were hiding and had plans to take everyone into custody. The pastors had little time to formulate a plan but they knew they had to work quickly despite the late hour. They grabbed everything they could and prepared to leave, but God had other plans. Suddenly, a violent storm struck that region accompanied by torrential rain making escape impossible for the pastors. Fortunately, it also prevented the police from pursuing them, as well. The muddy rural roads were impassable. Because of God’s significant provision, the Christian leaders remained safe and one step ahead of their persecutors. The pastors enjoyed their reprieve and spent the night praising God and His goodness in all things.

In Deuteronomy, we have this amazing assurance: For the Lord your God is the One who goes with you, to fight for you against your enemies, to save you.

The cost of serving God in China is immense but pastors take on the suffering for the sake of the Cross.

Two days later, the pastors heard from their contact in the police department that they were once more in danger.

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