Living Each Day for the Kingdom

Ming was brought to the police station in chains trying to force him to report on his father─a leader in the Vietnamese church.

Ming is a 25-year-old pastor in Vietnam who oversees nearly 100 churches and church planters. Ming has suffered much persecution in his life. He experienced the police coming to his church to force them to stop a service. They took all the chairs and the pulpit and burned everything else to the ground. Ming was brought to the police station in chains trying to force him to report on his father─a leader in the Vietnamese church. The authorities wanted Ming to sign an agreement that promised he would no longer believe in or worship God. If he signed, he would receive financial assistance along with several more social benefits. Ming did not sign the document and spent time in jail because of his actions. When they released him, he had no choice but to leave that city, however, he continues his work for the Lord and has found a new area to serve in. On one occasion, he set out to deliver Bibles and hymnals to his congregation. It was a long journey. He was driving his motorcycle but it couldn’t get through all the mud. Ming had to abandon his bike and continue on foot. He slept in the jungle at night and pressed forward during the day. He walked for 48 hours, intent on getting the Bibles and hymnals to his people. He was successful but by the time he got home, he was bedridden for a week from the pain of his efforts. Nothing has been able to stop Ming from serving the Lord. He does whatever needs to be done, with a cheerful heart, even though he continually faces trials. Each day is a struggle but never once has Ming considered doing anything else. Furthering the Kingdom of God is his number one priority.

In Colossians 3:17, we read: Whatever you do, in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks through Him to God the Father.

Ming does everything for the Father. He counts it a blessing to suffer for the name of Jesus.

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