Mountaintop Madness

Lydia lives peacefully with her family on a picturesque mountainside in Vietnam. She has a vegetable garden higher on the mountain that she tends to each morning. One day, Lydia set off to weed the garden as she did each day, but by late afternoon she still hadn’t returned home. Her family grew increasingly concerned about her and organized a search party. The group hiked up the mountain and searched thoroughly until finally, someone spotted Lydia standing in the middle of a thick patch of Mangrove trees. It was immediately apparent that something was very wrong. Lydia became agitated and stayed hidden rather than calling out for help. The men began chopping down the undergrowth and small trees to reach her, but she started screaming and throwing stones at them. Despite her violent reaction, rescue efforts continued until Lydia was safely restrained. The trip down the mountainside was eventful. Lydia did not go quietly. She remained loud and violent the entire way and still didn’t settle down when reunited with her family. Her husband and children were devastated when they saw their gentle mother’s unthinkable behavior. A pastor, who routinely visited the village by sneaking in during the night to avoid the authorities, came by one evening and found Lydia tied to a post. He was deeply disturbed and went to speak to her but she began to scream and thrash against her restraints and could not be calmed down. The family rushed out of their house to see what had caused Lydia to become so distressed. When they saw the pastor they explained what had happened and how they had to keep her tied up because of her uncontrolled rage. The pastor assured them he could help, but first they had to accept Christ was the only One who had the power to overcome Lydia’s evil spirits. By this time, most of the village had come out to see what was happening. They all listened as he spoke of the gift of salvation only through Jesus Christ. As the family prayed with the pastor, Lydia began to calm down and weep softly. Her family untied her and within ten minutes she was fully herself once more. The pastor spoke with her and explained that it was Jesus who saved her and Lydia accepted the Lord as Savior right then. Incredibly, two men in the village who were spies for the communist authorities, also received Christ when they heard the message and saw Lydia’s miraculous transformation.

There are many passages in the Bible about believers having power over the enemy of our souls. In Mark 6:12 – 13, we read: They went out and preached that men should repent, and they were casting out many demons, and were anointing with oil many sick people and healing them.

Lydia remains entirely devoted to Jesus. She and her family and many villagers are eagerly telling others about their God who triumphs over evil.

It was immediately apparent that something was very wrong.”

Her husband and children were devastated when they saw their gentle mother’s unthinkable behavior.

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