Healed in the Name of Jesus

Peter came into contact with some Christians he had actively persecuted in the past.

In Ethiopia, miracles abound, and people are experiencing the Lord’s power as the light of the Gospel shines brightly all over the country, including Islamic communities. The Kingdom of God is growing like never before, as many people accept Jesus and surrender their lives to Him. There are trials along with the triumphs but the believers press onward with their faith intact and spirits high.

Peter, an Ethiopian man who was angered by the many people coming to Christ in his Islamic community, began burning down churches and attacking Christians. Eventually he was caught, and he was sent to prison for his crimes. Upon release from jail, he went to see a doctor, as his health was rapidly failing. The doctor discovered an aneurism and operated immediately to fix the problem. But it wasn’t Peter’s only health issue. He also suffered from severe liver disease that had no remedy. The doctor gave Peter medication to help with the ongoing and troublesome symptoms that would only worsen over time. In the weeks after his surgery, Peter came into contact with some Christians he had actively persecuted in the past. They had heard about Peter’s poor health and told Peter they would be praying for him. At Peter’s next doctor’s appointment, the medical team discovered that there was nothing wrong with Peter’s liver and that he was, in fact, perfectly healthy. His doctor was amazed to see absolutely no sign of any serious disease and no reason for him to return. Peter immediately sought out the Christians he encountered a few weeks earlier and asked what had happened to him. Their response altered his life forever. We have been praying for you in Jesus’ name,” they told him, and at Peter’s request, they began to explain to him in detail the story of who Jesus actually was. Peter accepted Christ immediately and has been continually in Bible training, learning all he can about the Gospel in order to tell others the Good News that saved his life.

In John 5:14, we have this incredible promise: This is the confidence which we have before Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us.

The Christians who prayed for Peter knew that the Lord hears our prayers. With this knowledge in their minds, they prayed for Peter with confidence that the God of all creation would heal him and use this supernatural miracle to open his heart to Jesus.

Their response altered his life forever.”

At Peter’s next doctor’s appointment, the medical team discovered that there was nothing wrong with Peter’s liver and that he was, in fact, perfectly healthy.

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