God's Power Over Sorcery

All night they prayed for Martha, everyone joined in prayer asking the Lord to save the young girl.

God is stirring the people in a small village in the Odisha region of India. This area has strong roots to witchcraft, but the Spirit is moving among them. Martha, a young girl from the area, became savagely ill as a result of sorcery in her life. She remained bedridden for weeks. Many different doctors saw her; they could do nothing. Magicians and spiritual healers tried to help, but they had no power; they too could do nothing. The believers in the village told Martha’s family to call upon the local pastor but the family dismissed the idea outright. Martha’s health worsened. Her family had no hope for her survival. Finally, they reached out to the Christians and the pastor as a last resort. All night they prayed for Martha, everyone joined in prayer asking the Lord to save the young girl. By early morning, she grew stronger and hour after hour she improved until she was out of bed, acting like nothing had ever happened. Martha’s quick transformation was all her family needed to embrace Christianity. They put their faith and trust in Christ, full of awe for His awesome power. Within days, all of the girl’s relatives surrendered their lives as well, confessing and believing in Jesus Christ as the one true and living God. Martha’s miracle has sparked a movement in that village and surrounding villages. Many are turning to Christ and Jesus is building an active and committed community of believers.

In Jeremiah 17:14, it says: Heal me Lord and I will be healed, save me and I will be saved. For you are the one I praise. 

The Lord healed Martha’s body but He didn’t stop there! He saved her and He saved her family and now He is the only one they praise.

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