Choir Deflects Muslim Attack with Singing

It was an incredible miracle that surprised both parties.

Nathaniel, a young Ethiopian man, accepted the Lord as his Saviour and decided immediately to receive official training to become a church planter and pastor. He excelled in his studies and when school ended he was ready to do the Lord’s bidding no matter what the financial or personal cost might be. Nathaniel went to his leaders and told them about his intentions to plant a church in an unreached area dominated by Muslims, but they denied his requests. They didn’t think he was ready for such a challenge and believed the area was too hard for someone so young and new in the faith. They insisted that he continue to pray for the Lord’s leading. Nathaniel though was confident that he had heard the Lord correctly about where to plant his church, but he dutifully waited and prayed for more direction. Each time he went before his leaders, he submitted his request to leave for the Muslim village immediately, but they continued to direct him to more prayer. After a few months of Nathaniel’s persistent petition to go, the believers were finally in agreement with him but explained that there wasn’t enough money to send him so far from home. Nathaniel told them that he had saved his own money and only needed their blessing. They rejoiced with him and thanked God for His provision, then sent him on his way. Nathaniel arrived at the unreached village and boldly proclaimed Christ. He led many Muslims to the Lord and started a vibrant church with eager believers who were passionate about the Gospel. During the official opening of his new church, Nathaniel invited a choir from a nearby congregation to celebrate with them. When the service ended, the choir departed on foot back to their village, singing and rejoicing as they went. A mob of hostile Muslims met them with sticks, knives, and stones ready to attack. The choir members knew they were in trouble but they had nowhere to go and so they continued to sing and worship God. No one could have predicted what happened next. The Muslim women started singing with the choir. It was an incredible miracle that surprised both parties. The women had not come to sing songs they didn’t know, but in a surreal moment of unity, they stood shoulder to shoulder with the choir and worshipped the Lord together. The Muslim men, still brandishing their weapons let the Christians continue on their way unharmed. The next Sunday, the same group of Muslim women, along with their husbands, showed up at Nathaniel’s church. They had only one question: how did they find salvation in Jesus?

Nathaniel continues to preach the Gospel with his bold heart and contagious passion, resulting in many people coming to faith in Jesus.

In 1 Timothy 4:12, Paul writes: Let no one look down on your youthfulness, but rather in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity show yourself an example of those who believe.

Nathaniel’s youthful inexperience did not prevent the Lord from using him to build His Kingdom.

A mob of hostile Muslims met them with sticks, knives, and stones ready to attack.

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